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New and Used Batteries

Car and Truck batteries are expense.  Many consumers do not realize there is an alternative to the auto parts store who not only want to see you an expensive battery, but a lot of of parts you do not need.  Redline Battery Supply is your resource for new and used batteries here on the Space Coast.  We only sell the best quality reconditioned used batteries possible.  All of our Redline batteries also have a warranty just  like a new battery would.

Are Used Batteries Reliable

Yes!  Used batteries, when reconditioned properly, are just as reliable as a brand new name brand battery.  Even though they are considered “used”, we essentially make the battery new again.  We do this by cleaning all of the housing and connections, fully recharging the components of the battery, then testing it to make sure it meets our high quality standards.  We only sells batteries we know will function as they should like a new battery would.  This is how Redline offers a warranty on every reconditioned battery we sell.

Am I really Saving that Much Money

Redline batteries are an outstanding deal.  Although prices and savings vary, when compared to a new, brand name battery you will be saving a lot!  Our used batteries function and last just as long as a new battery, so why not save money?  We also have a battery trade in program.  If you bring in four used automotive batteries (cars and trucks only), we will give you one of our Redline reconditioned batteries for free!  If you want to save money on a battery, this is the only way to get a free battery on the Space Coast!

How Long has Redline Been Selling New and Used Batteries

Longer than we like to admit!  Our team has over 40 years of experience working with batteries.  In addition to Redline Battery Supply, owner and founder Carl Rutgerson worked in the corporate battery world for a number of years.  It was here Carl realized that so many of the big, name brand companies were not selling superior products, but just marketing that they did.  It inspired him to open his own local battery shop and Redline Battery Supply was born!  All of the Redline team members have been trained by Carl to provide the best customer service and expertise around.

Redline Battery Supply

Come visit us at 7723 Ellis Road in West Melbourne Fl to see all of your options.  Redline never used high pressure sales tactics like the auto stores do.  You can contact us here or check out our Facebook Page here. If you have a question or just want to see what we are all about come on by and say hello!

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