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Redline and Trojan Batteries

Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturers of deep-cycle batteries.  Trojan batteries date back to the 1920s, when the first Trojan Battery was used in Los Angeles.  At Redline we love being the only Trojan Battery warehouse in Brevard County.  Read on to learn more about Trojan and why we are so proud to be an authorized dealer.

A Rich History

As we have said before, here at Redline we sometimes hate to admit how long we’ve been in the battery industry.  Even though we have decades and decades of experience, Trojan has us beat.  The Trojan Battery Company was founded in 1925 giving them an incredible 93 years of experience.  Trojan was founded by George Godber and Carl Speer.  George had just finished serving on a submarine in WWI when he returned to LA and co-founded the company.

From the late 1920s to the early 1940s, the team at Trojan Battery Company focused on automotive batteries.  During this time they also added a new line to their inventory, commercial truck batteries.  Consistently looking to improve their products and expand the reach of the company,  Dick and Ray Godber joined the company in the 1940s.  This marked the second generation in the family run company.

Pioneers in Deep-Cycle Battery Technology

It quickly became clear to Trojan that deep-cycle batteries were where the industry was heading. In 1952 Trojan partnered up with Autoette to develop a way for a physically challenged golfer to make his way around the course.  Trojan developed the first deep-cycle golf cart battery, and with the help of Autoette, one of the first golf carts.

Trojan had found its niche.  Today, Trojan Maroon Batteries power a staggering 98% of golf carts used on courses today.  This helped propel the company into the 1960s when they began to expand their deep-cycle batteries line and opened their Santa Fe location.  Growth continued well into the 1980s when Trojan acquired their first east coast facility near Atlanta Georgia.


Current Day: Desire for Innovation

Trojan has always been innovating.  In 1992 they established the Technology Center.  This facility was designed to be the cutting edge of product design and testing in the deep-cycle battery market.  The continue testing and developing new technology there today.  Trojan is still family run and dedicated to producing the best deep-cycle batteries on the market.

Redline Battery Supply = Trojan Batteries

As we said before, we love Trojan Batteries.  They are very established, produce a great quality product, and are still innovating to make the whole industry better.  Trojan Battery Company also has a huge commitment to providing excellent customer service, just like we do at Redline.  They offer a fantastic support system for customers and dealers alike.  Trojan batteries help us help our customers.  We are proud to be the only Trojan warehouse in Brevard County.  We’re also proud to offer batteries at wholesale pricing to the public.

Redline Battery Supply

Our customer service is second to none.  We pride ourselves on being different than the others in the industry.  Our trained staff helps you make the right choice.   We never over or undersell you.  It’s the Redline way.  In addition to Trojan batteries, we offer reconditioned batteries.  Never knew reconditioned was an option?  Read more about reconditioned batteries here.

Call us at 321-327-8995 or stop by our West Melbourne Facility.  A trained professional will be happy to help you with any battery need!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook as well.

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