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Everyone who knows Redline knows we love the Trojan Battery Company.  Over recent years Trojan has really stepped up it’s game in the Southeast US, including Florida.  They help service distributors like us to make sure we can service our customers better.

Expansion in the Southeast

Back in 2016 Trojan announced they were upping support for our region.  Redline Battery is the only Trojan Battery warehouse on the Space Coast, so we we’re pretty excited to hear it.  We knew with added support and marketing, the brand would grow even bigger than it has.  Trojan is currently the largest deep-cycle battery supplier in the US.

Currently Trojan Battery has centers in Alabama. Georgia, Tennessee and in Florida. These distribution centers help ensure there is a network of support for the dealers and customers can get the batteries they need as fast as possible.  It’s a win win for everyone.  For Redline, this means we can get you batteries that we may not have in stock even faster.

Redline Carries them All

Redline carries several brands of batteries, chargers and accessories to cover all of our customers’ needs.  Other brands like Optima and Motobatt fall under the Trojan umbrella.  With Trojan Battery expanding into the Southeast Redline will be able to continue supporting lots of battery-powered applications including automotive, floor machine, golf cars, industrial, marine/RV, motorcycle, mobility, renewable energy and utility vehicles.

Brian Jaibur, the director of sales for Trojan said it best, so we will quote him. “Trojan Battery Sales distribution centers are strategically located in areas which boast a large Trojan Battery customer base.” “This new sales channel enables Trojan Battery Sales to better service customers by providing a wideselection of products and enhancing on-time delivery, while at the same time strengthen the Trojan brand.”

Because Trojan has more a presence here, we can get more selection at a faster rate for our customers.  This is one of the many reasons we love Trojan Battery so much.  Make sure you check out our previous blog about Trojan here.  We talk up Trojan so much because they offer a great product with great service.

Trojan Battery

About Trojan Battery Co., LLC

Trojan Battery is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries and a battery technology pioneer.  They having built the first golf car battery in 1952 which put them on the map. Trojan batteries provide power for a wide variety of applications that require deep-cycle battery performance.  These applications including aerial work platform, floor cleaning equipment, golf and utility vehicles, marine/RV, material handling, oil/gas and renewable energy.

Founded in 1925, the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified with operations in California and Georgia.  because Trojan is committed to progress they maintain two of the largest and most extensive research and development centers in North America.  There is also a facility located in  Sligo, Ireland.  Because of these facilities, Trojan can engineer new and advanced battery technology.

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