Car Battery Recycling | What To Do

Redline Battery Supply is our local business that sells new and used car batteries. We live and breathe batteries. It still surprises us that people don’t know what to do with old batteries. Car battery recycling is easy and great for the environment. We’ve written this article to help clear that up because of the huge impact it has on our community.

How to Recycle Car Batteries

It’s easy, bring them to us!  We make it really easy for you to recycle batteries here at Redline.  If you bring in junk batteries you have a two options.  First, we do pay for junk batteries because we can use them to make reconditioned batteries.  Bring them in and make a little cash instead of having them lay around the garage.  Second, if you bring in 4 junk car batteries, we will give you a Redline Reconditioned battery in exchange.  It’s that easy.

Car Battery Recycling

What Do You Do With the Old Batteries?

We get this question a lot.  We are partnered with local recycling companies that specialize in car battery recycling.  This is important because the field is highly regulated.  We ensure every batter we cannot recondition in house is properly disposed of.  This help the environment and our local community.

This is important to remember because of the impact.  You should never just throw away a junk car battery at your home.  So much of the battery itself can be recycled and used again, it’s a massive waste.  Not only that, the chemicals can potentially impact drinking water and cause other serious environmental issues.  Because of this, we always recommend dropping off a junk battery at Redline.

Yes.  There is an estimated 70-80 recycled plastic and lead in car batteries today according to the Battery Council International.  Because there is so much opportunity to recycle, it’s just a huge waste to throw them away.  At Redline, we are often able to use many of the components in house in our reconditioned batteries.  This means your old battery can have a new life after we are done with it.

Redline Battery Supply – Car Battery Recycling on the Space Coast

We make car battery recycling easy at Redline because we care about our community.  Because we have been in the industry so long, we know exactly how to handle every type of junk battery.  Come by Redline today with your junk batteries to make some cash or get a reconditioned battery!

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