Custom Battery

Redline creates custom battery cables
in house for any project

Redline Battery Supply

Redline Battery Supply is the Space Coast’s leading supplier of new and refurbished batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, and more! Founded by Carl Rutgerson the team at Redline is focused on educating their customers while providing the best service and pricing possible.

Custom Battery Cables

Redline Battery Supply creates custom battery cables to your specifications using the best material possible. All of our cables are hand made with welding cables instead of vinyl to ensure they last.

The Best Quality Available

Redline Battery Supply has the ability to create custom neoprene encased battery, fine strand cables for your special project. We only use the best, most durable materials to ensure our cables can handle heavy use and wear and tear. Unlike the plastic Chinese cables, our neoprene cables will last you for years to come. The ends are hard crimped and heat sealed to prevent debris from entering the cables and causing damage. Our cables are available in 4ga, 2ga, and 2/0.

Perfect For Any Use

Our custom battery cable solutions are perfect for any project. Many of our customers use them for airboats and heavy equipment. No matter what you are working on if you want power delivered reliably our custom battery cables are the perfect choice!

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